Hounds Rebound!

Two emaciated terrified hounds, rescued from different parts of NC last week.

Washington: We received a call from a group of women in Washington, NC about a hound wandering the street in shockingly emaciated condition. We rescued "Washington" and brought him to the vet where he eyed the canned food!

He is missing an eye and is blind in the remaining eye, he is 40 pounds underweight and heartworm positive. Donors rallied and so did a foster home, where he is eating, resting and starting heartworm treatment. His new name: Henry Washington.

Henry W. just celebrated his first Christmas in a safe home

Molly Jo: We flew Miss Molly Jo in from Brevard County shelter where she had been for weeks, brought in as a starving stray. This sweet tri color walker was also emaciated but fortunately heartworm negative.

We placed her in a foster home where she is recovering fast and celebrated her first Xmas in a cozy home.

Thank you local rescuers, fosters and donors for supporting these rescued hunting dogs in their new lives!

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