Some Highlights of the Past Week

Little Biggie made his Freedom voyage from Cleveland County Animal, NC shelter to his adopter on Long Island, NY, in a private jet. No small aircraft for this 5 pound boy, pictured on the right with adopter Dr Nana Kramer. What a difference a few hours away from the shelter makes.

Also rescued from Cleveland County, Marvin, now in foster awaiting his flight to his VA adopter! Here on his Freedom Ride with driver Wayne Wiggins.

Another 2 dog rescue, this out of Surry County shelter, sent Kelly Girl to her foster for heartworm treatment (here: in shelter and a few hours after a bath with buddy CrisisDogsNC Kobi.)

and 11 month old border collie pup Jax went to a foster home awaiting a perfect BC adopter.

Miss Bella came out of the storm unclaimed, went into foster and then found her ideal home!

Keno took his Freedom Ride out of Stanley County and went into foster. A Bernese Mountain dog now looking for the perfect home!

Sophie who had days left at the shelter

took her Freedom Ride to her foster home and is under treatment for skin and ear infections!

Sisters Thelma and Louise are still waiting for a home that will welcome them both. Inseparable!

Thank you drivers, pilots, fosters and donors for your invaluable help! And adopter for your kindness in opening your hearts and homes.

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