Freedom Ride and New Friend for Ernie

Senior beagle Ernie was running out of time at Stokes County kill shelter. The 9 year old has heartworm and tick borne illness. No adopter or rescue group was stepping up.

We did. We found a foster home for Ernie in Raleigh. Marjorie had already adopted a CrisisDogsNC rescue, Honey, and she offered to help Ernie.

Three drivers each took a leg of the journey.

And as the miles spend by, Ernie got happier!

There was a sense of anticipation.

We stopped at Pet People in Morrisville for a complementary bath and de-ticking. There were over 40 ticks on his little body.

And Ernie got a new blue collar that will be softer around his neck.

Then on to beautiful, peaceful home with a patio, flower pots, cool AC and a new girl friend named Honey.

Ernie began his heartworm treatment tonight. By the end of the summer he will be feeling spry and ready for a forever home.

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