Catching Up!

Its been a busy few weeks with rescues, transports, heartworm treatments and the usual emergencies. Here are some highlights!

The lab trio from Harnet County Julie, Jackie and Jeremy went into foster and Jeremy was adopted!

Jackie and Julie are still awaiting the perfect families

Boston, who was in foster the longest, nearly 10 months---through heartworm treatment and the cardiac arrest of his foster, found his ideal family who drove from Georgia to fall in love with him, That's our kind of adopter!

Roger, rescued from Rockingham shelter, is now in foster, also waiting for someone to fall in love with him, apart from his two hound buddies.

Gabe, another Rockingham shelter rescue, who spent time in foster learning he can be happy without pinging off the walls, is now with his new person, everyone content!

We rescued Zumba at the 11th hour from Rockingham and here she is at the Spring Festival event for dogs in Raleigh, hoping someone will want to bring her into their home.

Nessie on her Freedom Ride from Yadkin county is now in foster, and we call her the Perfect Dog. Where is her perfect adopter?

A move left Mick homeless and so we found him a wonderful home in the NC mountains.

We got a call about Bae, whose owner left him after 9 years, when she moved. Left in the muddy yard. Here is he before rescue.

and after his first playdate in boarding, while he awaits a flight to his adopter in VA where he will undergo heartworm treatment.

We are always astonished at the visible changes, the absolute transformation of dogs, from the moment they are rescued.

Jessie, who belonged to a homeless man, was covered in 100 ticks when discovered by a long time CrisisDogsNC volunteer. Jessie is now in foster and undergoing heartworm treatment.

Miss Susie, an older hound in Transylvania, found her lovely lady to live with.

Again, the transformative power of love.....and hope...

A successful Spring Fling event in Raleigh gave exposure to many of our dogs. (And in fact found Gabe his adopter). Thanks to the CrisisDogsNC team for making this an exciting event!

Thank you to all the good people who help support us in rescue.

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