Week in Review: Rescued Puppies and Urgent Dogs and Freedom Flight!

We rescued puppies Jeremy, Jackie, Julie and Jill from Harnett County!

Jiill found her forever home and her 3 siblings are in foster.

Also we rescued, Harry from Harnett

Who has clearly blossomed in one week of foster care and is ready for a home!

Jessie was given up to us by a homeless person. This 9 month old was covered in 100 ticks.

But is on the mend in foster.

We flew Gorgeous Leo to his new home in Rutherford where he is living with the former fire Cheif and a new sibling.

And we rescued Miss Kimmie from Richmond County shelter at the 11th hour. She will fly to her adopter in GA as soon as we get a flight!

Thank you fosters, adopters, pilots, drivers, and donors !

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