Flying Dogs and Others, CrisisDogsNC Week in Review

In the skies and by land, CrisisDogsNC rescues found foster homes and adopters.

Puppy Caleb from Columbus County shelter flew to his new mountain-top home in Asheville.

Senior Miss Gina flew from Transylvania shelter to her foster in Chapel Hill. An old Golden with not much time Gina will loved and cared for.

An exciting 3- puppy rescue from Yadkin Shelter

now in foster awaiting vetting and ready for adoption next week.

CrisisDogsNC rescue Alfie had to leave his toddler companion who, very tragically, has cancer.

A new home kindly stepped up. We send our hopes and profound wishes that the little boy will improve and thrive.

Sweet Beethoven , given up after 8 years because his family is expecting a baby, is now in foster with a kind single working woman . But he misses his family and needs another family to love.

And foster dog Teddy is still missing in Durham, it's been 3 weeks, he is widely posted with high reward.

Thank you pilots, drivers, foster and of course dedicated donors for another successful rescue week.

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