Sex, Lies and Animal Lives: Humane Society of the US Faces Investigation

What "hurts the movement" is the actual abuse, not the naming of it.

UPDATE: Wayne Pacelle has resigned as CEO, facing employee walkout and withdrawal of big donor funding for HSUS.

History: On January 25, the Chronicle of Philanthropy reported that longtime HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle is under investigation for sexual misconduct, an announcement made by. Eric Bernthal, Chair, Board of Directors, Humane Society of the United States‌

Charges concern sexual misconduct. The investigation, which began last month, is being run by Grace Speights, who leads the labor and employment practice at the mega DC law firm Morgan Lewis. It is also one of the leading law firms in DC called in for crisis management.

What we knew or should have known: , a 2015 largely ignored report by Humane Watch, the watchdog mag for non profits found that Pacelle's Chevy Chase, MD home was bought for $1.1 million cash under the name of a DC attorney known for helping clients hide assets. This in addition to Pacelle's $800K apartment in DC…/

The CEO of an animal charity dependant on donor good faith is also benefiting from a reportedly $2.5 million in expenses paid to its top execs in one year alone.

Yet there is more: HSUS's so called "money man" Arthur Benjamin who sat on HSUS's National Council has been sued numerous times for rape and sexual assault.…/

Other personal have left under clouds of sexual misconduct.

Ethical companies in particular are setting boundaries. Rachel Perman, Tofurky’s director of charitable giving, wrote: “Moving forward, I will not be donating to groups that have known chronic problems with sexual harassment and/or gender discrimination, whether it be problem individuals or chronic patterns of organizational behavior. Too many women have left the animal movement due to these issues. It must stop.”

What has kept women and men silent about sexual manipulation and outright labor abuse has long been an emotional blackmail: criticizing animal protection leadership will "hurt the movement." I've heard this rationale for silencing complaints for more than 30 years. What "hurts the movement" is the actual abuse, not the naming of it.

I am happy to see that the truth is coming out and is not perceived as harmful, but as liberating.

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