CrisisDogsNC Rescue Week in Review

Freedom Flights foe Brownie from Transylvania shelter to her Clayton, NC foster home, where she will stay for her heartworm treatment.

and for Gabby from Chapel Hill foster to Beaufort, NC

Freedom Rides for Hershey also from Transylvania couty shelter to her new family in Charlotte.

And Caleb from Richmond Shelter to his foster in Chapel Hill

Special Surgery for senior Pasadena who is under heartworm treatment.

Another happy CrisisDogsNC adoption for the Rossignol family who "failed foster" Diezel, a gorgeous Dane mix from Yadkin county, who joins CrisisDogsNC Big Baloo in this wonderful home..

And we transferred Prince into a new foster where he is at home with his foster buddies

Thank you drivers, pilots, foster and donors. And of course adopters who opened their hearts.

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