Oreo's Freedom Flight

We'd heard about a dog whose owner died, and relatives had brought him to the shelter. "I'd adopt this dog in a nanosecond," Translyvania shelter adoption manager Joleen Brannigan told me. She sent a few pics.

Oreo's mate had been adopted but he was lingering, it was months already and he'd been passed by. Just another hound on the discard list. So we took a chance, a possible foster-to-adopt. Today Oreo flew on a sleek little Piper from Asheville to his new home in Cary.

Here he says a warm goodbye to Joleen.

Boards the Piper Archer:

https://youtu.be/MfJSgFUqO_Y piloted by two handsome young pilots in training from the Centennial Aviation Academy in Georgia, Rex White and Brian Eberle, based at the Peachtree Dekalb Airport in Atlanta.

And Oreo's in flight, clear weather, great visibility.

A smooth landing

And a paw shake hello to his new family. It was, for all, love at first sight.


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