First Week in Review for 2018

It's a wrap for week one of the new year, with a shared Freedom Ride for Nicholas (left), who was abandoned in the yard when his family moved, and Prince,. whose owner "forgot he was in the yard" and the emaciated dog was left to fend for himself.

A foster transfer for senior Pasadena whose new foster (no cats!) will see her through her heartworm treatment at NC State Vet School.

A foster for Gabe, rescued from Richmond County,

And a new life for Zeus aka Romeo now called Hickleberry, a 106 pound 9 month olld Black and Tan abandoned by his young owner. A family friend contacted CrisisDogsNC and in a week

we had a new home for this big pup.

And this evening, a Freedom flight for Oreo, from Transylvania shelter, departed Asheville

and made a smooth landing in Raleigh Durham into the arms of his new family.

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