Nicholas Gets His Chance

The message came in late last night. A small dog had been brought in from the cold by a good citizen. The home owners had vanished. The house was empty, abandoned.

The story was, of course, familiar. A dog left in the yard when the family moved. There was no food and no water, only a long rope that attached the dog to a splintering dog house.

Neighbors had seen a young boy shoot the pup with a BB gun. Pellets would later be found nested under his skin.

"I couldn't let him freeze to death," Amy Lewis recalled of the moment she took him in. She already had a houseful of dogs. Days later she said, "I was feeling hopeless. I contacted all these rescue groups and no one answered." Meanwhile, Nicholas was grateful for the warmth and fell in love with her cat.

Through a Facebook connection, Amy contacted CrisisDogsNC. Scores of messages into the night and we located a foster home for Nicholas, as we named him. Pledges poured in.

Incredibly Nick is heartwom negative. Apart from hookworm and indigestion from eating several couch pillows, Nick was given a clean bill of health. The vet thought he was about a year old.

On Sunday he goes to his foster home in Durham. Thank you to the kind neighbor Amy Lewis and those who rallied for Nicholas.

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