10 Degrees in Harnett County, NC

This was reported last night in Harnett County, NC. The heap in the snow on a chain is a brindle dog.

The Harnett County Sheriff's office just told me: "Animal control responded. There were 2 dogs not one. The dogs were fine."

We have rescued from the Harnett County shelter. Dogs linger in concrete stalls. When a puppy is advertised at the shelter there is a long line of adopters before the shelter even opens. For a few dollars you can adopt, with no background check, no neutering or spay required. Only a rabies shot is given. There is no followup. As often you can adopt for free.

This morning, I called Steve Berube, the new Program Manager at Harnett County Animal Services and left a message at 910-814-2952.

Update: Steve Berube 10:46 AM (46 minutes ago) replied by email

"We responded there were 2 dogs not one both were very healthy one had an igloo house the other had a pet crate with a heavy canvas over it. My officer and a deputy spoke with the owner who agreed to take them inside until they got a better dog house for the one with the pet crate we will continue monitoring to make sure they follow thru with getting shelter for the one dog."

Later today the organization Bails for Tails delivered dog houses, cedar chip hay and other supplies for these dogs. They will at least be warm. Kudos to Bails for Tails for stepping up with dog houses and bales of hay and food and water.

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