Last Rescue Week of 2017

The last week of 2017 ended with promises of a new life in new homes for 9 CrisisDogsNC rescues!

Each dog has his own compelling story. Some in particular draw on your heart strings. Sparky was one of those dogs. In Richmond County shelter, he was on the kill list. His demeanor told us more than his shelter records, which indicated that this one year old lab x was "found wandering."

Our local contact in Rockingham told us Sparky was scared and depressed....but he tested well with dogs and passed the "kid test"-- tail pulling and general annoyances to which he did not react. We put out the word on our Facebook page for a foster home. Within a day a family in Chapel Hill stepped up and Sparky took his Freedom Ride with Gabe, another CrisisDogsNC rescue from the same shelter who was also going to a foster home.

A few days of decompression.... and then Sparky met Louie, the foster's resident dog. Louie has been known to be picky about the company he keeps, but he seemed uninterested in the new pup.

They parallel played. The house was peaceful and the family was charmed.

We are hoping for a "failed foster" and that Sparky has found his true home.

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