2017 Our First Official Year Review

In March ​2017,​ CrisisDogsNC became an official 501c3 non profit. ​This, ​our first official ​year, we rescued and successfully rehomed 287 dogs from high risk environments, including kill shelters, roadside abandonment, natural disasters and backyard breeders.​ Since 2015 when we un officially began saving dogs, we have rescued and homed 704 dogs in need.

Here is one of our most dramatic rescues from Hurricane Irma.

Mr Lucy, who I personally fostered and, admittedly, had a hard time giving up, is now happily living in Asheville. His adopter sends us weekly reports of this thriving life.

Mr Lucy, Hurricane Rescue from Bevard county, FL, a heart throb who I personally fostered

Owing to our partnership with PilotsnPaws ---and several pilots who fly for us as their preferred rescue, we geographically expanded our rescue and adoption reach along the East Coast. Here are two of my favorite flight pics of the past year.

We also established a dedicated network of land transporters within North Carolina and beyond that picks up from the shelters and brings dogs to approved fosters and adopters.

We now have 18-20 active foster homes and are in discussion with various civic orgs including the NC Girl Scouts to extend our network.

We also formed a partnership with Pawsitivity, the service dog organization in Minnesota, and sent several dogs there to be trained to live with autistic children. Here is a CrisisDogsNC placement!

2018 will be another banner year with the help of our growing network of volunteers who support our mission of not simply finding a home, but making the perfect match.

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