Valerie Silensky-Lowe

March 2018

As a foster for a CrisisDogsNC dog, and one who is a little far away, I am extremely impressed with the care that CrisisDogsNC gives to my foster, Millie.  She came to me fully vetted, with the rescue making all arrangements to fly her to me.  I was encouraged to talk to the local foster to learn more about personality and fit.  Millie was exactly as she was described, and a very good girl.  And anything that has come up - from heartworm treatments to medication needs - has been handled quickly and easily, with no stress for me.

Mark and Cheryl Shue 

March 2018

We have been a foster “parent” for several dogs from Crisis DogsNC. All of  the dogs that we fostered were placed with great families. 
  I have also assisted Crisis DogsNC as a driver/transporter and have inspected homes of prospective adoptive families for suitability prior to dogs being placed there. 
  We have found CrisisDogsNC to be a great organization.