Doc's Last Chance

CrisisDogsNC recieved an urgent message from Guildford County Shelter: Doc, a senior pit was out of time. A new foster stepped up but there was an unexpected problem The shelter had just identified a puppy that tested positive for distemper. Doc tested negative, but he would have to be in "quarantine" at the new foster. No interaction with other dogs, just as a precaution for a few weeks. That did not seem to be a problem. Doc instantly attached to his foster mom. He showed no interest in leaving her side. This very easy going boy has been fully vetted and enjoys walks, but most of all he loves being close.

Saving Roscoe

It took a small battalion via land and air to move Roscoe to safety. The 4 year old American Staff had been orphaned when his (human) mother and her daughter were killed in an incident of domestic violence. CrisisDogNC was called on to re- home Roscoe. It was a matter of securing a foster home​--which we did in North Carolina,​ and then complicated logistics to bring Roscoe north from Florida ​where he was ​to a flight north​. PitStop Pit Bull Rescue Transport rallied drivers for the land voyage from south to north Florida. Several pilots offered relays to NC, but none could coordinate with Roscoe's urgent timeline. At the last minute, Sanford, NC- based pilot Tim Barnes stepped up to fly.

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