About US

CrisisDogsNC is a foster-based, 501 (c) (3) non-profit founded in 2016 by journalist and author Judith Texier, whose investigative articles have garnered international awards and prompted changes in animal welfare laws. Her book Stolen for Profit broke the story of pet theft for medical research, received national media attention that resulted in congressional hearings, and won the Dogs Writers Association of America Book of the Year and Maxwell Medallion Ethics Awards.

We work collaboratively with shelters, animal rescue and service dog organizations throughout the country which trust the consistency of our good work. Sadly, North Carolina has one of the highest shelter kill rates in the country. The means by which dogs are destroyed are often so brutal that those methods of euthanasia have been banned in most states as inhumane. We go into these kill shelters, backyard breeder facilities and dog dealers and rescue these dogs at risk and find them loving homes where they will thrive.

What distinguishes us from other rescues is our focus on the relationship between the rescued dog and their new families. By gaining an understanding of your lifestyle and expectations, as well as the personalities of the dogs we rescue, we can suggest the most compatible match for a lifelong bond.

                                                                        Our Costs
Prior to adoption, all dogs are behavior-tested and fully vetted. This includes spay or neuter, vaccinations, de-worming, micro-chipping and required medical care. The average veterinary cost for a dog who has no significant medical problems ranges from $250-$300. If a dog is heartworm positive we provide “fast kill” treatment in North Carolina at a rescue rate of $550-$700.

We have no kennel facilities and rely on foster homes. We have between 40 to 45 dogs in foster homes at any given time, with the cost to maintain a foster dog averaging $30 a month and can be upwards of $100 a month if the dog is taking special medical treatment. 

CrisisDogsNC relies on donations since adoption fees do not cover our operational costs.

Meet The Team

Founder, President



Treasurer, Board of Directors

Fay Smith



Butch & Sundance K9

Tracey Oliveto


Marketing Director

Priscilla L Jessup

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Foster Coordinator

Faye Smith


Home Visit Coordinator

Stacey Hendrix


Post Adoption Coordinator

Cindy Menzie


Consulting Veterinarian

Dr Diane Saladino


Antoine Carlet


Long-Haul Transports

Wayne Williams


TikTok Coordinator

Monica Pacheco

Aviation Team


South Carolina, Liaison

Debbie Soos

Our Core Belief

We believe ​that ​empowering people changes lives​. How do we do this?​

*We tell the whole story​ You can follow each urgent dog, from​ the first ​urgent call for a foster​ and funds,​ to the Freedom Ride​, Freedom Flight and then on to ​the ​Perfect Home   

*We respond We respond immediately to ​each potential adopter and conduct home visits​ regardless of the adopter's location.    

*We follow up We coach new adopters during the transition period and accept ​dogs​ back into foster if it's not a perfect match.     

*We show you where your donation goes We ask for what we need and when we make our goal we tell you.​

​     ​*We do not 'cherry pick​ We take not only readily adoptable dogs but ​​heartworm positive dogs, seniors, ​injured ​and hospice dogs.​



"As an organization that trains and places dogs with autistic children,  we value working with Crisis DogsNC. They are caring, knowledgeable people who we trust in assessing dogs they rescue. We recommend them wholeheartedly to anyone wanting a wonderful pet!"


Tom Coleman, Executive Director

Pawsitivity Service Dogs

St. Paul, MN

 "We adopt all of our pets through organizations such as CrisisDogsNC. These people are committed to saving the lives of animals. They are also committed to placing the animals in homes that are the best match for both animal and human"

Michelle Lorenz

 "Working with CrisisDogsNC has been a great asset to our shelter. They have helped same many lives by pulling from us. In addition, the dogs go into foster homes while waiting to be adopted which is a bonus for the animals! We appreciate what they have done for our shelter and look forward to continuing our work with them to save even more!"

Holly Smith, Director of Operations, Catawba Humane


Secretary, Board of Directors

Tracy Sullivan